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Do you fast?

The Christmas Fast has just started!

I don’t fast during the whole fast period. I promised myself, however, to fast every Wednesday and Friday and I also stopped eating food that I really like – going to put a ban on it for this period.

For me the period of the Fast is not a dieting of >>

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Roasted fennel salad

I have to admit that I have deep feelings of gratitude towards one vegetable – the fennel. Today I decided to introduce it to you in a glamorous role – that of a key ingredient in a salad.

In a moment very special and important for me, I added it to one of my fish recipes. And, I >>

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Because Life is beautiful (with Ferrero Rocher cake)

Greetings to all fans of the chocolate!

I am sitting right now in front of a box of chocolates and thinking how to turn them into a ..cake.

These chocolates may not be mere chocolates – they should be an add-on to something bigger. I am a big fan of add-ons and details..all kinds of them. I >>

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Raw Carrot Cake

There is something I want to share with you regarding women and sugar.

You know what most girls claim – that they can’t live without sugar and sweets, that they crave for chocolate all the time and they’d die unless they eat a chocolate right now and right here!

I want to admit that, well, risking to let >>

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