My name is Elena and at the time I am setting up this blog, I am 27 years old. 

I like cooking because I consider this a very personal experience. I like to eat, I love healthy food and I trust that food should be created with respect for our bodies and souls alike. And, last but not least, I love the sea!

The latter is not really on the topic but… for a few seconds I made you feel perplexed, didn’t I? But you do understand everything perfectly well!

Actually, giving it a second thought, the sea has so much to do with cooking. The art of making food is so deep and boundary-free – just like the sea! Lets swim together – with no clear direction, but with a clear goal to pursue the new, the interesting, the good and the healthy. Take your kids too, and if you don’t have them yet – I am sure that this blog will help you in a future moment when they come to this world.

In this blog you will find not mere recipes, but stories..every single recipe is personal, connected with me and everything that surrounds me.

Through my recipes I feel and live. I invite you to come and feel together with me.

But, this is only my wish of course. If you don’t want to – don’t come over.

You will get the chance, if you really want to of course, to find out more about my attitude towards healthy eating, my opinion on topics related to kids and food, parents and food and a lot more… which you will find out with the time. 

This blog is highly recommended for people who are unable to express their feelings and inside world via words… like me. That is why I cook with … feelings. And thus, whoever eats, understands everything, no words needed. But of course sometimes even this person does not understand anything… because I am a human too, and sometimes I fail too..

I don’t consider myself a Master Chef, no. But I have tons of inspiration, commitment, passion and so many ideas. It takes only that much. Plus, I consider myself skillful and yes, this helps a lot :)