Greetings to all fans of the chocolate!

I am sitting right now in front of a box of chocolates and thinking how to turn them into a ..cake.

These chocolates may not be mere chocolates – they should be an add-on to something bigger. I am a big fan of add-ons and details..all kinds of them. I do pay them so much attention. Sometimes this is not for the better but – that’s me, I pay attention to the details.

I can talk so much about the details – the way I see and feel them, but instead of keeping you reading this, just cook the cake and you will get the feel of the details. And if you feel nothing – this means you are a happy, care-free person, who will eat this awesome cake with plenty of nuts and chocolate.

I have a big bag of hazelnuts from my grandma’s garden. I will tell you about grandma and her garden in another post, because she really deserves this – but now, about the hazelnuts. They are amazing and unique, exactly because they are from grandma’s garden. I don’t have any problem peeling off 200 grams from them and cooking them with utmost pleasure..

I don’t like eating cake as much as I like eating ice-cream so I don’t really make cakes that often..actually, I hardly make any cakes. But today I felt like making one. So, I went on making this Ferrero Rocher cake.

I have to make a disclaimer that this cake is a calorie bomb, it’s chocolaty and ..truly delicious. But, just let yourself eat it without thinking too much..and then find a swimming pool like this one and burn the calories…this is what I’ve done..

Закрит минерален басейн Петрелийски

But, lets get back to the cake. Everything you need is enthusiasm and the ingredients from this table:


For the cake

  • 200 grams of ground and slightly grilled hazelnuts
  • 5 eggs
  • 7 table spoons of brown sugar (white will also do)
  • 2 table spoons of cocoa
  • 2 table spoons of flour
  • 2 tea spoons of baking powder

For the cream

  • 200 grams of butter – slightly melted
  • 200 grams of chocolate (I used dark chocolate)
  • 3 table spoons of chocolate spread (you may use Nutella, I make my own chocolate spread, without animal ingredients and use that one)
  • 14 mini waffles with hazelnut cream

For the decoration:

  • A box of chocolates Ferrero Rocher

The cake is really easy to make, just follow these steps: 
Heat the oven to 170 degrees. Scramble the eggs with the sugar until you get a smooth mixture and gradually add the flour, the cocoa, banking powder and half of the hazelnuts. The other half leave for decoration.

When you reach this type of mixture


split it into two round baking shapes (20 sm diameter), put baking paper and then bake these cake bases for about 30 minutes (until they are ready). Leave the cake bases to cool and after that cut each into two parts, horizontally, so you get 4 of those.


Melt the chocolate and while waiting it to cool off, stir the butter. Start adding the chocolate to the butter, while still sturring. Add the chocolate spread too, and finally add the chopped into small pieces mini waffles.

Start making the cake now. Put one cake basis, add cream above. Repeat until all 4 cake bases have been used. Keep some of the cream so you can cover the cake on the sides with it. Sprinkle on top the remaining hazelnuts and decorate with the chocolates.


Let the cake cool off a bit before serving it.