Трюфели от черен шоколад

Ingredients for 10 truffles:

  • 150 grams (or 1 tea mug of) high quality black chocolate
  • 120 grams (or a little more than half a mug of) high-fat cream
  • 25 grams (or 1/3 mug of) powdered cocoa
  • Chopped nuts for decoration
  • Coconut flakes for decoration


1. Melt the black chocolate on water bath. When it’s already melted, take it aside.

2. Add the cream to the melted chocolate and cover with a plate or aluminium foil. Let it stay for 3-5 minutes. Then stir the mixture until it gets smooth and homogeneous.

3. Move the mixture into a shallow pan and cover with foil. Put it into a fridge camera/freezer for 2 hours.

4. Take out the already hardened mixture and start shaping truffles from it. Roll each truffle into cocoa, nuts or coconut flakes.