Mineral water pools

The running water in the entire Hotel Petreliiski is mineral and has a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius. It has been proven to alleviate diseases related to the skeletal system, the peripheral nervous system, gynecological, urological, kidney and other diseases. 

All guests of hotel Petreliiski can relax by the three pools with mineral water – 2 outdoor pools and one indoor. There is no indoor connection between the swimming pools and the hotel complex.

All pools are being cleaned every week, the pool water does not get treated with chemicals or medicines that could be potentially harmful for our guests.

The pools get filled by running mineral water. The running water in the rooms is also mineral.

Gallery mineral pools

Outdoor pools

Indoor pool

Spa & massages

The spa area of Hotel Petreliiski offers steam bath, sauna and jacuzzi. A fee for using the jacuzzi applies. 

See the atmosphere and options for relaxation in the spa area of Hotel Petreliiski.

Massages done at the hotel

  • Full body massage | 50 minutes
  • Back massage | 35 minutes
  • Leg massage | 15 minutes
  • Hand and arms massage | 15 minutes
  • Head massage | 15 minutes
  • Full body massage with honey | 40 minutes
  • Anti-cellulite massage with honey
  • Neck massage | 20 minutes

Characteristics of the mineral water

Debit: 10L/sec
Temperature: 35 ℃ GC
Mineralisation: 0,27 G/L
PH: 0,5 NC/L
Radon: 10L / sec
Fluoride: 5.1 MG L, 9.41% MVAL
Chloride: 6.0 L MG, 5.87% MVAL
Sulfate: 29.0 MG L, 21.31% MVAL
Carbonate: MG 18.0 L, 21.03% MVAL
Sodium: 62.0 MG L, 95.29% MVAL
Potassium: – MG L, -% MVAL
Calcium: 3.0 L MG, 7.71% MVAL
Iron: – MG L, -% MVAL

Gallery Spa