Sightseeing in Ognyanovo vicinity

The region of Ognyanovo village offers a number of historical, cultural and natural sights that we recommend visiting while staying at our hotel.

At our reception desk you can find maps, brochures and directions for most sights. You may also request a personal English-speaking guide to some of the sights.

Here is brief information for each of the sights we recommend.

Nikopolis ad Nestum

The ancient Roman City Nikopolis ad Nestum – founded in 106 AD by Emperor Trayan after his victory over Dacia – is the most famous sight in close vicinity to the village of Ognyanovo. This archaeological sight is located in the neighbouring village of Garmen, at its exit towards the city of Gotse Delchev. The excavations are just at the road so there’s no way you can miss it.

Walking through the remains of this ancient city takes 30-40 minutes. You can admire the remains of well-preserved Roman dwellings, luxury Roman villa with an impressive mosaic, Roman Termi with heated floors, city towers and walls.

Leshten and Kovachevitsa

The village of Leshten is 8 km from Hotel Complex Petreliiski. You can reach it on foot, by car or – take the weekend train departing from our hotel.

The village has a very special traditional atmosphere – you can walk amid a number of well-restored and authentic traditional Bulgarian houses from the 19th century. 

The architectural reserve Kovachevitsa is located 16 km from Hotel Petreliiski. You will enjoy beautiful 2- and 3-story traditional houses typical for the region, with stone roofs. Their unique appearance has been preserved for more than 2 centuries.

In the narrow streets of both Kovachevitsa and Leshten have been filmed a number of Bulgarian and international movies.

Sanctuary Rock Heads

This sanctuary is located 5 km from the village of Dolno Dryanovo, direction Satovcha and Dospat. If you are travelling by car, from Gotse Delchev drive 20 km to the village of Dolno Dryanovo. Pass through the village and after exiting it, drive 5 more km. You will reach a flat area with water fountain on the right side of the road, park here and walk some 300-400 meters to the rock heads. 

There are no special signs but you will see the area fairly easy. Check out some pics here:

Hadzhidimovo Monastery ‘St George’

This monastery is located some 20 kms from Ognyanovo. It’s built upon an ancient Christian sanctuary and has been put to fire twice.

The monastery has recently been renovated and from its splendid yard you may enjoy a magnificent view to the whole region. Inside the monastery there is a 18th century icon of St George considered to be making miracles.

Eco path River Kanina

This lovely eco path passing right through our hotel has a total length of 13 km, with its start and end being the neighboring village of Kovachevitsa.

You may walk any part of this path, enjoying the beauty of nature, rock formations and a number of stunning views. You will certainly meet rare plant and animal species on your way.

The path includes two circles and separate trails:

Bigger cicle: Kovachevitsa – Skrebatno – Gorno Dryanovo – Kovachevitsa. Each of these villages may be either your start or end point.

Smaller circle: Gorno Dryanovo – the cascade of Cherna river – Gorno Dryanovo

6 basic trails connecting the different villages. These trails can be walked separately, with starting and ending points as follows:

  • Skrebatno village – through a steep rock and second bridge over Kanina river – Gorno Dryanovo village 
  • Skrebatno village – through a steep rock and second bridge over Kanina river – Leshten village
  • Skrebatno village – through the first bridge over Kanina river – Kovachevitsa village
  • Kovachevitsa village – through underground tunnel (Rizova hole) – Gorno Dryanovo village
  • Leshten village – through underground tunnel (Rizova hole) – Kovachevitsa village
  • Leshten village – through underground tunnel (Rizova hole) – Gorno Dryanovo

Be advised that the eco path has some more extreme tracks where safety is guaranteed by wooden steps and ropes. Make sure to pick a track that corresponds to your physical condition.